Burning Man and A Radical Critique of the Nonprofit Sector

You won’t often find commentary on the nonprofit sector here but we recently came across an article by Keith Spencer on  Jacobin.com about the rising influence of the one percent, in particular the libertarian entrepreneur class, on the annual Burning Man event in Nevada. What does an article about Burning Man have to do with the nonprofit sector? More than you might think. [Continue reading]

Assessing Downstream Impacts- The Case of Coro New York Leadership Center

Coro New York is a leading provider of leadership development training through its fellows program and through its work with emerging leaders in community development and education. Following a strategic planning process in 2011, the organization set community transformation as one of its desired long-term impacts. In 2013, Coro asked Usable Knowledge to conduct an evaluation of its Neighborhood Leadership Program (NLP) designed to improve the leadership capacity of local business improvement districts (BIDs) in the City of New York and to help BID staff manage their relationships with the city. NLP consisted of a series of trainings, held over a five to six month period. Half the trainings directly address leadership skills. The other provided an opportunity for participants to interact with and learn from city officials. [Continue reading]