Upcoming Workshop- Surveys for Nonprofits

The Support Center for Nonprofit Management will be hosting us on Monday, June 8th for a workshop on survey design. In it, we’ll cover strategies for increasing response rate, always a challenge, as well as techniques for writing valid survey questions. The framework we’ll use is Don Dillman’s Total Design Method which is relevant to both paper and pencil and web based surveys. If you need to survey your participants, visitors, staff, donors or your community, you won’t want to miss this brief three hour introduction.

To see the outlines for the session click here.
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The State of Program Evaluation 2015

We recently worked with Matthew Von Hendy of Green Heron Information Services on a review of the literature related to nonprofit use of program evaluation. While we haven’t finished going through the two dozen plus articles Green Heron was able to surface, one thing is clear– the number of empirical studies focused on evaluation utilization is limited. In the fall of 2014, we  made a decision to undertake a sample survey study designed to address this issue. We’re calling the study “The State of Program Evaluation 2015.” [Continue reading]

Why Evaluate

We recently created a short slideshare that describes why nonprofit organizations should evaluate their programs. Beyond simply reporting program outcomes to funders, the slideshare makes a case for using evaluation for program improvement. It's … [Continue reading]